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Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't  there more search engines then you submit to?

We concentrate on the major search engines, because they generate over 90% of all search engine traffic. While there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of smaller, more obscure engines and "link lists" available on the Internet today, in terms of positioning they are not nearly as important as the major engines.

To bring traffic to your site, you must rank well on that engine. Considering the time involved in effectively positioning your pages, we recommend that you "go where the action is" and concentrate on the larger engines. It does not make much sense to spend 90% of your time to increase your traffic another 10%.

What is a doorway page?

Doorway pages are in essence, any page that is optimized to rank well on a search engine. Since each search engine ranks pages differently, it’s virtually impossible for a single page to rank well on all engines.

For example, AltaVista may favor pages with 800 words on the page, where Excite might favor 400 words. In this scenario, there’s no way to design your page to appeal to both engines’ preferences. The solution is to create one page designed for AltaVista, and submit it to AltaVista, and a separate page designed for Excite, and submit that one
to Excite.

These "doorway" pages act as alternate entrances to your site tailored to rank well on a particular engine, and for particular keywords.

People doing searches will not always find your home page.  Often, they will find you via a sub-page on your site.  You’ve probably noticed this when you’ve done your own searches on the Web.

In summary, a "doorway" page can be any page:  Your home page, product information page, or a page introducing your Web site.  There is nothing magically about doorway pages, except that it happens to have the proper number of words, keywords, and other variables to rank well.

Having your site submitted site to hundreds of search engines/directories that few people have heard of,  won’t hurt. However, for most sites, don’t expect nearly as much traffic from those engines, than what you’ll get by being positioned well in the top 10 to 15 engines.

Is it worth the investment to improve my search rankings?

It is definitely worth your investment!  There's no cheaper, more effective way to promote your site than by using the search engines.

We are amazed at how people overlook the potential there and simply let the "other guy" have the traffic. We have found that most other advertising is a big gamble on whether it will pay for itself. Search engines are a free, ongoing service.

Since everyone coming from a search engine was searching for your specific product or service, they are highly targeted, and often highly motivated. These visitors will more often purchase your services over a person who may have clicked on a banner simply out of curiosity.

How long will it take for my site to appear on the search engines?

Thousands of pages are submitted on a daily bases to the top Search Engines.   Depending on the search engine, it could take one day to several weeks before you are listed.


After a period of time, will my site stay in the top rankings?

Search Engine Positioning often works months at a time!

Once your site is listed at or near the top of a major search engine, it can stay there for some time. However, it can also fall in rank over time.

We recommend having your site submitted on a monthly basis, or no more then a quarterly basis.  Good Web site promotion is the key to success.  And we have the key to Web site promotion!

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